Nathan Pinnacle 12L Womens


12L vest with an increased comfort in addition to the fit like wear

Designed on the back length and armpits according to the physical characteristics of womenIt is a running pack that can be used on long trails and LSDs. There are a variety of pockets on the front body, so you can access supplements, drinks, and smartphones without removing the Zack.

This season's model has water -resistant pockets on the left and right front part. You can store your mobile phone without getting wet,The back storage is also divided into four layers and can be sorted depending on the application.The kangaroo pocket connected from the side to the back can be easily accessed to wind shell jackets and pole while running.

● Emergency whistle and pill pockets are placed inside the water -resistant pocket on the right.
● The bottle pocket on the front part can store up to 600ml of flasks and bottles.
● Chest straps can be slide up and down. Adjust the fit according to your body shape and condition.
● Mesh material is placed on the part that touches the skin. Good ventilation and light weight.
● Velcro for installation is placed in the hydration space on the back. Prevents the depression of the bladder.

size:(Chest)XXS: 66-69cm/76-80cm, XS: 70-74cm/81-85cm, S: 75-79cm/86-90cm
Material: Polyester, Spandex


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