Naked Running Band (Naked Running Band)


From naked Running bands with "ultra -lightweight, high moisture permeability, blurred fit" are available. If you have this, you can run with your luggage without stress when you want to hold your luggage during the race, even if you want to have a pocket to store while running. Features and wide size development, it will definitely fit.・ It is difficult to stuffiness because it has high moisture permeability and quick -drying.・ Use a “NAKED® EXOPOWER mesh”, which is strong and difficult to blur, does not hinder movement during exercise.・ Many luggage can be stored inside the mesh (up to three types of 500 ml or less), supplements, and smartphones.・ With clip that can be externally attached to trail pole, wind shell, etc. ・ Race number holder, with key clip ・ A wide range of sizes that can be used as men and women

[About size development] * Since the nakeD does not grow on the belt itself, it is important to have a hip size when passing from your feet more than the waist. If the product adaptive size is smaller than the buttocks, it may not be possible to install it. The difference between sizes is about 1.5cm, so I don't care much even if I raise one size. If you want to put a thick luggage, we recommend that you choose one size higher size. (Many people are increasing the size than expected)

* Please check the size of your hips before purchasing.

The corresponding size development of hips for each size below

□ 2 = Hip: 85-88cm (waist: 70-73cm)
□ 3 = Hip: 89-91cm (West: 73-76cm)
□ 4 = Hip: 90-93cm (West: 75-78cm)
□ 5 = Hip: 93-96cm (West: 78-81cm)
□ 6 = Hip: 95-98cm (waist: 80-83cm)
□ 7 = Hip: 98-101cm (West: 83-86cm)
□ 8 = Hip: 100-103cm (West: 86-89cm)
□ 9 = Hip: 103-106cm (West: 89-92cm)

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