MOUNTAIN KING Mountain King Trail Blaze 3 sections


Tri-fold model of ultra-lightweight high-performance aluminum trail pole

Folding it into three increases its strength and makes it even lighter.

An ultra-light folding aluminum pole perfect for trail running and fastpacking, created with the help of Sébastien Seignault, who has achieved high rankings in numerous 100 mile races.
Although it is slightly heavier than carbon, it is also stronger.

・High performance aluminum alloy (7075)
・Carbide wear chip
·wrist strap
・Air flow grip

・Trekking basket
・Pole cap
・Mesh storage bag

Size/weight/storage size

-How to choose size-
Please choose a length that is 60-65% of your height.

-How to assemble-
Holding the cord connected to the mushroom top at the top of the grip, slide the sections of the pole to the bottom, making sure that the connecting parts of each section overlap.Put the shroom top on and the assembly is complete.

-How to fold-
Pull off the mushroom top, pull the knot lock up through the groove at the top of the grip, and disconnect each section in turn. Fold along the cord and secure with Velcro under the grip.

What is Mountain King?
We are a trekking pole specialty manufacturer based in Newcastle, an industrial city in the northeast of England, with our head office and our own factory.
We manufacture poles for everything from basic pole walking to high-end ultra marathons, mountain climbing, and mountain endurance races. Our in-house factories are manufactured using the highest quality materials and components by expert designers and skilled technicians, with pride in quality and passion for our products.


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