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Taping manual book for mountain climbing.

To the tape that you can only carry around, to the tape that actively uses.
Kinesiology tape (extension tape) dramatically changes and improves climbing taping techniques.

It's not "because I got injured", but to "walk comfortably"
Taping technique using Kinesiology tape.

By actively using it instead of just carrying it around
Make mountain climbing very comfortable.

The characteristics of Kinesiology tape are
It stretches well, soft, colorful.

For muscles that snuggle up on the skin and become stiff due to fatigue
He / she says, "Relax, relaxation."

Like trekking pole and support tights
It will be a good helper for climbing.

Author Hitoshi Takahashi
Born in Tokyo in 1965. Associate Professor of Teikyo Heisei University, Faculty of Regional Medical Science, Trainer and Sports Course. Graduated from Nippon Sport Science University Graduate School and graduated from Tokyo Sanitation School. Acupuncturist, anma, massage, shiatsu. Athletic trainer certified by the Japan Physical Education Association (This data was published at the time this book was published)

Release date 2015.08.07 Released
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