Montura Alpha Band


EATURESProduct features

・ Polartec to minimize heat loss even in wet situations®Headband with Alpha
・ Demonstrate high heat retention despite lightweight compact
・ Heat can be controlled with very high breathability and quick -drying.
・ Ideal for situations with a large amount of action even in low temperature, such as trail running in winter and fast hikes

* Since the product image is photographed, the design may be slightly different from the product actually delivered. Please note.


Type Of Fabricmaterial

Polartec Alpha
Polartec Alpha Without increasing weights and volume like the conventional insulation material, with extremely high breathability and excellent fast -drying/windproof, even wet situation. But minimize the heat loss. Originally developed for US military special units, it is a functional insulation material that regulates physical temperature in any behavioral and static behavior. The latest high adaptability reduces the frequency of detachment during exercise.
Micro Fresh Lycra
Micro Fresh LycraA soft and soft nylon material that stretches with LyCra®. It has sweat -absorbing and quick -drying properties that quickly absorb sweat and spread. High UV protection (UPF50+).

Introduction of materials
  • detail

    << Weight >> 40g
    "Material" outer fabric: 82%PA 18%EA
    Lining: 82%PA 18%EA
    Inside fabric: 100%PL
    << Country of origin >> Moldova

SizeAbout size

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