MOJI HEAT 4'Ball (Moji Heat 4 Ball)


Heat type massage ball.

Adopts a polymer cushioning material that is resistant to heat due to its proprietary technology and an internal hard plastic.
It has the effect of relieving the stiffness and pain of the muscles and promoting blood flow.
It can be used for all parts, such as arms, neck, legs, back, legs, and hands.
Provides relaxation with massage and warmth.

HEAT MASSAGE BALL allows you to dig deeper into the target parts, stretch and massage.

Just warm it in a microwave for a pleasant warmth of up to 30 minutes.

*Heated in a microwave oven (about 2 minutes 30 seconds/500W for 600W)
*Do not heat more than the specified time.
*If you reheat, open the interval for at least 2 hours.

Size: Diameter about 10 cm (Large)
Weight: 530g

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