Milestone Mile Stone onion Hoodie MSRH-001 Unisex


"Windshell", a must -have item for running wear released from Milestone

When you run in the cold season, you can't see the clock if you pass the thumb to the thumb hall ... Have you ever felt so?

Even in such a situation, you can immediately check the pace, heart rate, and distance."Watch window" on both armsImmediately resolve the problems so far by setting.

The characteristic asymmetric zipper is devised not only for the appearance, but also so that it does not hit the jaw (jaw).

Depending on the situation, a double zipper was used to instantly incorporate fresh air to adjust the body temperature. A large ventilation is placed on the sweating point on the armpit and back.


Bespoke from a live machine in a material manufacturer in Japan (Hokuriku)MilestoneLimited original colors (3 colors) were toned with a beaker. Developed classic call black, soft polar white, and astringent British green.

The material is nylon(20D)The thin thread was woven with a vertical and horizontal double lip tissue and succeeded in expressing unevenness. It keeps the skin away, breathability, and well -balanced. In addition, in order to reduce the weight, a nylon feels stretched without using any polyurethane.

An environmental problem that has become a global standard these days. Almost no occurrence of substances that affect the environment and healthDoes not contain fluorine compoundsC-ZEROWater -repellent productWe are adopted and consider the environment and health.


If you put it in a hidden storage bag in the hood, you will get on your palm,Onion size wind shell"Onion Hoody"Is finally completed!

Following "NATTYSHORTS / Nutty Shorts", this work is also "Made in Japan", which emphasizes planning, development, production and quality. * NATTY SHORTS is Made in Kyushu. Onion Hoody is Made in Hokkaido

The name of Onion Hoody's name: From Marvin Gay's hit song "The Onion Song" -we need to plant the seeds of love. The world is just a big onion ~

I was impressed by the song with no war on the onions, and I was impressed by the love songs with no war, and when I saw the recent Russian and Ukraine war, I was sad and gave such a naming.
*Because it becomes onion size when stored.

Material: 100% nylon /
Size: XS, S, M, L * Unisex
Origin: Hokkaido, Japan / HOKKAIDO, Japan

Wearing size: 169cm57kg M size

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