Milestone Milstone Collaboration T-shirt MST-005


The second collaboration with STAMP RUN & CO.

92 % polyester with outstanding comfort and 8 % spandex blend ratio.
Anyway, it's comfortable. The design concept is from the trail running of the previous work, and this time it is a fast -packing specification based on the concept of the trip.


Material / Material: 92% polyester, 8% spandex / 92% POLYESTER, 8%
Size / Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L (all unisex)
・ XXS size Length (back) 60.4cm, bust (armpit) 90cm, sleeve length 18cm
・ XS size length (back) 62.6cm, bust (armpit) 94cm, sleeve length 19cm
・ S size length (back) 64.8cm, bust (armpit) 98cm, sleeve length 20cm
・ M size length (back) 67cm, bust (armpit) 102cm, sleeve length 21cm
・ L size length (back) 69.2cm, bust (armpit) 106cm, sleeve length 22cm


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