Milestone Mile Stone Trail Master+Rush Light (Waist Light)


In order to run the night trail more comfortably and safely, the newly developed “West -only light” “TRAILMASTER + RUSH LIGHT” is now available using Milestone's TrailMaster and RUSH of Paago Works! The detailed explanation is also described on the blog, so please read it.
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LED Main: Natural Warm Color Cool White
Brightness 850 LM (BOOST / Boost) 300 LM (High) 160 LM (Mid) 80 LM (LOW)
Battery -only battery (included)
Battery life 19 HRS (time) (LOW) 9 HRS (time) (mid) 5.5 HRS (time) (high)
Waterproof function IPX5 (spoiled fluffy form)
Irradiation distance approximately 80m
Body size 450 x 100mm
The main constitution is 75g / 215g (light / battery -based)
Accessories MS-LB1 (exclusive lithium battery)
USB cable main material stretch mesh
Color midnight
Waist size 57cm to 100cm
Features Up to 850 Lumen Simple operability 2 LEDs (white, light bulb color) Made in Japan

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