Milestone Milstone Original Socks MSS-001


Milestone Original Socks Series with excellent quick -drying that can be used in multi -drying from running to town use (everyday wear)

We are particular about in Japan, pursued durability, breathability, and comfort (fit)
Milestone Original Socks Series

The mesh structure from the toes to the arch has improved the breathability, and the uneven sole cushion improves cushioning and air circulation. In addition, the strengthening of the heel and the toe is enhanced to achieve fashion and excellent durability.
Milestone's original socks that have dropped the number "81" that symbolizes Milestone and the slogan "Lighting Your Way".

Although it is not informed to the public, Mr. Masakazu, who works on the durable socks "OLENO Ultimate Socks", is working on the production.
It is recommended to coordinate with MSC-013.

Size: M (22.0-25.0) L (25.0-28.0)
Material: 73%polyester, 23%nylon, 4%polyurethane


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