Milestone Mile Stone MSC-018 Original Cap


Mile Stone classic popular "MSC-010Inherited the shape (jet cap) and the material, the brand logo is small and the slogan "Lighting Your WayIs not the back of the brim, but by casually dropping it into the back with embroidery, sublimated it to a design that is easy to incorporate into a lifestyle scene as well as running.

About shape

Since the shape of the head is generally different between Westerners and Japanese, it feels uncomfortable when you wear the same head size.
Westerners: The width is thin, the back of the head is out/ Japanese: The width is wide, and there are many people with cliffs

*The conventional running cap was many slender things, and many of the Japanese people looked bigger.

Causes that your face looks big?

If you wear a slimming hat than your cheekbones, your cheeks will stick out and your entire face looks bigger.
Conversely, if the hat is wider than the cheekbones, the cheeks look thin and can be expected to have a small face effect.

About depth

The position of the ears is different between Westerners and Japanese.
Westerners: Japanese with high ears: Low ears.

Cap -shaped commitment

The position of the ears is different between Westerners and Japanese.
For the above reasons, it is designed by using a wide brim that matches the size of the Japanese, and studying the depth that fits when it is worn.

material:NYLON 100%/Mesh: Polyester 100%


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