MILESTONE Milstone Headlamp MS-H2 Hybrid Model Worm (Combined Covered / Dry Battery Combined Model: Light bulb color about 420 Lumen)


A convenient 2 W ay -specification type haybudo model that can be used in a re -chewed venture or a dry veteran. Supaturenzu uses the first collection of light -gathering, so it can be illuminated to the far away.

In addition, a reflectioner is used for the wide -illuminated shooting to keep the brightness of the phase. The warm -hearted mitroon's standard "light color" is used for the skirt and wide.

□ Color: SD sand
□ Brightness: Approximately 420 Lumen
□ LED: Spot / Wide: Natural warm color
□ Battery used: MS-LB2 or AAA alkaline battery ✕ Three
□ Battery life: about 160 hours (when wide 5% / alkaline batteries are used)
□ Waterproofing function: IPX4 (fluffy form)
□ irradiation distance: about 140m
□ Body size: Width 57 ✕ High 42 ✕ Depth ✕ 33 mm
□ Main constitution: Approximately 65g (including dedicated lithium battery)
□ Accessories: MS-LB2 (including dedicated lithium battery), USB cable
□ Features: Rechargeable batteries, battery combined models, stepless adjustment functions, stepless -adjusted, spots irradiation (about 40 °) & wide irradiation (approximately 100 °)
□ Beam Pattern: Super Squid irritation that comes by shining far away ( 40°) Wide -illuminated () that can be secured all over the foot () 100°) At the same time, you can illuminate the micksbim


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