Milestone Mile Stone Headlamp MS-G1 (rechargeable battery, 300 lumen)


Body weight 28g, USB rechargeable headlamp

As it is a clip type, it can be attached anywhere, such as Zack pockets and caps. 28g and ultra -lightweight and hard to shake. The brightness can be controlled by pressing and holding the switch, and the brightness can be adjusted between 15 and 300 lumens.

Color: TW twig
LED: Natural Warm Color / Natural Warm Color
Brightness / Brightness: Approximately 300 lumens / 300 lumens
Battery / Battery: Lithium-ion polymer charging batteries (built-in) / lithium Ion Polymer Battery (Built-In)
Battery life / runtime: about 18 hours (10%) / 18 HRS (10%)
Waterproof function / Water Resistance: IPX 4
Irradiation distance / BEAM DISTANCE: about 100m
Body size / size: Approximately 40 x height 33 x depth 25mm
Private constitution / Weight: Approximately 28g
Accessories / Attachment

MS-G1 dedicated clip, USB cable

Features / feature

Ultra -lightweight compact charging model / compact rechargeable model


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