Patagonia Patagonia Men's Capilene Cool Trail Bike Henley


The Capreen Cool Trail Bike Henry, which combines the deodorant effect on the technical moisture -absorbing and developing material, fits on a motorcycle, and comfortable casual outfit But he plays the same as when he was in the trail. Adopt the sewing of Fair Trade Thirty Faid

  • Recycling material with a soft touch

    Soft and lightweight recycling polyester (86 % for stripes, 50 % for Heather), which provides elasticity and breathability during intense exercise or changing weather riding.

  • Quick moisture absorption and deodorant processing

    Hycuped and quick -drying, high -cueper and deodorant processed

  • Bike riding tailoring

    A three -dimensional seam along the position when riding a bicycle and a slightly longer hem behind

  • Casual style

    With a small weave label on the hem

  • Supporting factory employees that manufacture this product

    Adopt the sewing of a fair trade theaterfide that pays premium wages to factory employees

  • country of origin

    Made in Vietnam

  • weight

    173 g (6.1 OZ)

Width 47 50 53 58 62
Positive length 70 73 76 78 81
Sleeve length 45 46 48 50 51
Finish dimension (flat/cm)
* It may be slightly different from the dimensions of the actual product.
Wearing size: 169cm57kg S size

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