LUNA SANDALS Luna Sandals Red Villail Trail


Ultra -lightweight and suitable for trails
Luna Sandal, High Cars Depot, Stry Drab Limited Model

With a light and lean 11mm ultra -light minimalist trail sandals, we provide moderate protection and realize a truly minimalist trail experience.

We use ultra -light and grip -powered Vibram® compounds. Very flexible Leadville Trail sole fits your feet in a short period of time. Due to its lightness and grounding, it will soon be your favorite shoes.

Regarding the size, it is a men's US notation.
We recommend that you wear it in almost the same size as the actual size of your feet. If you do not know the actual size, we recommend that you wear a 1cm smaller one if you can afford about 1 cm of the running shoes.
Reference Example) If you wear US9 (27cm) with Altra running shoes and have a room about 1cm on your toes, it is recommended to purchase US8 (26cm).

Weight: 159g (US9)
Thickness: 11mm
Waterproof Vibram® NEWFLEX OUTSOLE
Foot bed:MGT (Monkey Grip Technology)



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