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Merino wool x Japanese paper material mixture and woven socks

The craftsman has been carefully processed by the craftsmen using a bruise brushed machine that has been used for more than 100 years.

"Yubi Socks"Has high water absorption, quick -drying and strength"Japanese paper"Natural materials with high antibacterial, deodorant and quick -drying functions"Merino Wool"Socks that are particular about the material using a unique thread made by twisting two different materials.

Making method without seams during manufacturing"WHOLEGARMENT®️"By adopting, the whole is knitted to a three -dimensional, and there is no seam, creating a sticky comfort. In addition, since there is no cutting of the fabric, there is no waste in the material, and it leads to natural and eco -friendly production activities.

It is listed as the characteristics of Japanese paperHigh water absorption, quick -drying and strengthIs a material that has been attracting attention in recent years as a sock. With a single material, there were few products that could give a passing score for comfort.By mixing Merino wool, we succeeded in creating a comfortable and comfortable comfort.

Both are domestic production socks that enhance the comfort that cannot be fulfilled with just one material.

Tabi (tabi) type structure The difference in the comfort that is born due to differences in the length of the finger has been improved to the improvement, achieving the growth rate of the fabric and the length of the finger crotch. Opening the thumb with a tabi type makes it easier to convey the power of the sole, and even if you wear socks, you will pull out your finger force comfortably.

Material: Material Merino Wool (Merino Wool) 48% JAPANESE PAPER (Japanese paper) 21% Polyester 29% Polyurethane 2%

Size (actual size base) S: 22cm ~ 24cm M: 24cm ~ 26cm L: 26.5cm ~ 28.5cm XL: 29.0cm ~ 31.0cm xxl:31.0cm to 33.0cm


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