He has the functionality of the polyester as it is, and he has a soft touch like cotton. It is a T -shirt that makes you want to touch it.

In the world, indigenous people in the world took thousands of years to get a simple sandal with thickness and enable long -distance travel and run by running. Illustrations that mean that it leads to the prosperity and evolution of mankind is printed on the chest.

BRING's basic T -shirt uses the recycled polyester "Bring Material". Excellent water absorption and quick -drying, features a soft touch like cotton. Ideal for running or hiking activities and regular use. Because it is quick -drying, it is dry in the morning even if you wash it in the middle of the night, and you can easily use it on a busy day.

Cotton touch
Generally, the fluffy polyester fibers are used to make the effort to make a fluff and then make it a thread. Because it is the same fluff as cotton, the touch is like cotton.

Quick -drying water absorption
Y Since a variant cross -sectional thread such as a character section is used, water such as sweat is often sucked into the thread with a capillary tube elephant, and the surface area is expanded and the water is easily dried.

Reducing pills
The pills, which are the weak points of polyester span threads generated by the difficulty of fluff, are greatly reduced by aligning the direction of fluff. Both microfiber outflow and aesthetics are balanced.

UV cut
Ultraviolet raw materials are used for titanium kneaded in the thread.UVIt floats the light containing), prevents sunburn, and prevents transparency.

Reduces microfiber leaks that cause marine pollution
Less fluffing is reduced, and the leakage of micro plastic, which causes marine pollution, is reduced.

All gender compatible
A crew neck T -shirt that fits various body types with long back tails with long back body.

material:Playback polyester 100* HEATHER GRAY only Bring MaterialTM 50%

Length 61.0 / Width 47.0 / Shoulder width 44.0 / Sleeve length 20.5
Length 64.0 / Width 50.0 / Shoulder width 46.0 / Sleeve length 21.5
Length 67.0 / Width 53.0 / Shoulder width 48.0 / Sleeve length 22.5
Length 70.0 / Width 56.0 / Shoulder width 50.0 / Sleeve length 23.5
Length 73.0 / Width 59.0 / Shoulder width 52.0 / Sleeve length 24.5
<2xl> Length 76.0 / Width 62.0 / Shoulder width 54.0 / Sleeve length 25.5
Model's Height: 172cm, 60kg


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