Altra Lone Peak 5.0 WOMENS

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Altra's masterpiece "Lone Peak" has been a full model change.

Even in the United States, the loan peak that takes No.1 in trail shoes is that it is a shoe that has been loved, even for high -stressful, comfortable hikers, trail running beginners, and advanced users who run over 100 km.

It is just an middle model in Altra's trail shoes.

Both the thickness of the cushion, the strength of the grip, and the weight are all such shoes.

Weight: (242g 24.5cm actual measurement)
Stack height: 25mm
Midsole: Altra ego
Outsole: MAXTRAC

The changes from "Lone Peak4.5", which also hit the previous work, are as follows.

1. Reinforcement of toes
The "toe" part, which can be peeled off with a trail shoes even though it does not come off with road shoes, is the bonding of the "toe" part, but this time the rubber part of the sole is sewn directly in addition to the adhesion.

2. Midsole material
Until now, we used EVA cushioning material, but it has been changed to a urethane material called Altra ego. It is hard to get rid of it, and you can get a little rebound.

3, Outsole pattern change
Although it looks a slight difference, the shallow rugs are reduced in the feeling of catching the ground when running asphalt. In addition, the grip performance is finished so that there is no big difference due to the adjustment of the compound.

4, appearance, upper, etc.
Many people may be easier to wear because the design of the loan peak in Lone Peak 4.5 has become simple. If you have been using it for many years, you will remember, but it has a simple design like a loan peak 2.5, which was claimed to be a masterpiece. (Although it is a matter of taste)

There are some changes to the upper, but there are no major changes.

The part that wraps the instep of the foot called a shoe tongue feels a little thicker. Get a gentle feel. In addition, the loan peak, which is very popular in both the United States and Japan, is a serial number space that was adopted because some people lost it at the race venue, but this is gone this time.

5, heel cup
The angle of the heel cup has become slightly gentle. The model of the previous work was quite sharp as a shoe's heel, but it was very popular because it had an exquisite fit that could start running without tying shoe straps. However, some people hit a little bit of a little bit, but it became a little loose, but it still has a feeling of fit that is too much.

Finger holes, which are convenient for taking off shoes, have been changed from two to one.

6, size
It is large. If you usually wear Altra shoes, you may want to choose a 1.0cm small one. Lone Peak4.5 was a little big, but it seems to be about 1-2mm larger than that. Two out of three staff chose one that is 1.0cm smaller than the normal size. I think some people feel big even with actual size+1.0cm.


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