Lone Peak 4.5 Women's

Upgraded Altra's synchronous lyrics loan peak ALTRA's "Loan Peak" is the most popular trail shoes that are very well balanced in stability, cushioning, grip, and comfort. It is a highly versatile shoe that is selected by everyone, from beginners to advanced people and those who can go to a long race over 100 kilometers. Although it is such a loan peak, it became the number 1 sales in the most major outdoor chain "REI" in the United States this term, and it was finally upgraded in December 2019. The good fit of the loan peak, which was said to be the highest ever, was further polished by changing the shoelace system this term. The stability and comfort on the trail are exactly "Lone Peak" Even if you go out of the trail to concrete, the outsole (shoe sole) has a high -cushioning midsole (cushion) and outsole, and minimizes the burden on your feet without any discomfort. It is possible to run (walk) by holding it down. Ventilated mesh upper (surface fabric), which is easy to dry, hard to shave, durable outsole rubber, sliding outsole pattern, these are improved without compromise to run harsh trails. It is a masterpiece that is combined. Stack height: 25mm Weight: 249g (weight of WUS7.5 24.5cm) Outsole: MAXTRAC TRAILCLAW Midsole: EVA

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