Life System Tick Remover

LifeSystems Tick Remover If you are bitten by a mites, it is important to quickly remove it. Size: 120 × 10 × 10 mm Weight: 18g Material: Stainless If you've been bitten by ticks around you, I guess there is only one person. If you are bitten by a tick, we recommend that you quickly remove it with a tick remover. If you try to remove it with your hands or scissors, the body may be cut and your body will be buried. Tick ​​remover is made of high quality stainless steel. You can safely remove the entire mites. I think it's a very low item, but in case of emergency, if you keep it in a first -aged kit, you will be able to deal with it without panic when your or friends are bitten by ticks. Precautions for use ・ Remove mites as soon as possible. ・ Do not squeeze, twist, or burn mites. ・ Do not use Vaseline, Oil, or other chemical products to remove ticks. ・ Injecting harmful drugs will stress mites and will significantly increase the risk. If you can't remove it well, we recommend going to a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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