LEKI Leki Ultra Trail FX.ONE Super Light


Trilateral folding pole developed for trail running

By eliminating the aluminum parts of the joint part and adopting the newly developed [Trail Shark Grip], the weight has been reduced to the limit. The strap has a breathable shark frame strap mesh and a trail running chip at the tip. No matter where you hit, the ground is firmly captured and the power loss is low, and the ideal swing balance is realized that is easy to swing forward.

Glove A detachable glove that can not be imagined in a normal pole. What I feel while using a normal pole is that no matter how much I get the propulsion of walking, I always get tired of my arms, but it doesn't make sense to get tired. By installing this glove, the stress of pulling the pole and always holding it will be reduced by half. You can use a pole even if you don't always hold it, so you can act surprisingly easily. At the time of installation, the glove and pole are integrated firmly, and the power is created without blurring, so you can do the uphill lightly. If you don't need a pole, such as a downhill or flat ground, you can immediately remove the glove with one -touch operation, so you can wear it immediately and promise a light action.

Various carbon manufacturers have released ultra -lightweight models using materials such as aluminum and carbon, but when they are used on Mt. I sometimes feel a little scary. However, this ultra trail FX.ONE Super Light is 120cm (1 set) and has a lightweight carbon specification of 274g, but has more rigidity without reinforcement. You can feel the high degree of perfection as a pole, such as outstanding rigidity and ease of swing, utilizing the technology and know -how cultivated by the LEKI brand for many years in trekking pole and ski pole. When storing, it is easy to carry with a three -stage folding type, and can be carried without stress even in mountain rows and racing.

Ratchet system
By connecting the shafts and pulling each other, the ratchet system locks and can be fixed.

Paucapell, one of the world's highest class trail runners, is a trail shark grip developed exclusively for trail running with excellent operability and lightweight trail running. It is a latest silk grip that is 30 % lighter by making the conventional shark grip on the skeleton structure, as well as the ease of grip, as well as the light weight.

Trail running chip
New shaped basket integrated chip. Lightweight and compact and excellent in swing balance.

Micro series
A micro series with excellent folding in a three -stage folding style. It is a great attraction that it can be stored compactly and is convenient for traveling by public transportation. The internal connection cord is protected by a clear tube and improves strength.

Shark frame strap mesh
A 3D mesh fabric with excellent breathability is used while inheriting the shape of the Shark Active Strap. It is a soft and light strap that is hard to get stuffy even if you sweat.

Standard with straps
SML straps are standard installed for models from overall size to 110cm
MLXL strap is standard installed for models with a total length of 115cm or more

It is a material that has excellent vibration reduction and achieves further weight while maintaining strength.

weight:Approximately 274g (group/120cm)
size:35cm/120cm at storage
diameter:14/12/12/12mm carbon
accessories:Paul Staff Sack


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