LEKI Leki Ultra Trail FX. ONE


Long grip specification with thicker shaft diameter than "Ultra Trail FX.ONE Super Light" and extended cork-like EVA grip part

You can grip the grip according to the situation, such as holding the bottom part of the grip with the strap removed, so you can instantly respond to various changes in the slope. We have also adopted the newly developed Trail Shark Grip, which is extremely lightweight, as well as the Shark Frame Strap Mesh and trail running tips, which have excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties.


Utilizing the technology and know-how that the LEKI brand has cultivated over many years with trekking poles and ski poles, you can feel the high degree of perfection as a pole, with outstanding rigidity and ease of swing. When storing, it is foldable in three stages, making it easy to carry, so you can carry it stress-free while hiking or racing.

ratchet system
By connecting the shafts and pulling them together, the ratchet system locks the tension and secures it.

PauCapell, one of the world's best trail runners, has thoroughly repeatedly tested the Trail Shark Grip, which has been developed specifically for trail running with excellent maneuverability and light weight. In addition to being easy to grip, we are particular about reducing weight, and by making the conventional Shark Grip into a skeleton structure, this is the latest Shark Grip, which is 30% lighter.
■Skeleton structure that combines durability and operability with maximum weight reduction
■Cork-like EVA grip with excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties, making it much easier to grip

trail running tips
Chip with integrated new shape basket. Light and compact, with excellent swing balance.

micro series
The three-stage foldable micro series has excellent portability. Its main appeal is that it can be stored compactly, making it convenient to travel by public transportation. The internal connecting cord is protected with a clear tube to increase its strength.

shark frame strap mesh
While inheriting the shape of the Shark Active Strap, it uses 3D mesh fabric with excellent breathability. A soft and lightweight strap that won't get stuffy even when you sweat.

Equipped with SML strap as standard
SML strap is included as standard for models with a total length of up to 115cm.

This material has excellent vibration reduction properties and achieves further weight reduction while maintaining strength.

weight:Approx. 364g (set/115cm)
Size: 36cm/115cm when stored
diameter:16/14/14/14mm carbon
accessories:pole stuff sack


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