Born to Run Born to run Ultranner vs Humanity, the strongest "running ethnic group"


No running, no life

This adventure began with one question that everyone has.
Why does my legs hurt when running
Ultra runners aiming for the true run eventually, Sandals only in Mexico's unexplored areas.
Encounter the Taramara tribe who keeps running day and night
Humanity lives to run
No, I'm running to live

Bestseller in the United States
New YorkTimes Bestseller 30 consecutive weeks
1st place in the Faculty of Cultural Athletic Athletic, 1st in the specialized travel category

Author information
Christopher McDuugal
Translation of Takafumi Kondo

Product information
Release date February 25, 2010
Price price: 2,200 yen (body 2,000 yen)
Forty -six format
416 pages
Product code 0081414
C code C0098 (Foreign Literature Others)
ISBN 978-4-14-081414-7

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