Hydrapak Hydra Puck Belo City 2.0L

Slim Design Rebursible Hydration
This is the lightest high-end rezaber in the lineup.A wide open opening for slides-shielding based on human engineering, which is easier to open and close, enabling rapid replenishment of water stations, such as an aid station and a trail, by opening a large opening.This prevents leaks on high-flowed valves that can be drunk by chewing a drink, and a VELOCITY time that is easier to use with on/off bars.A large amount of 2L has been added for long-running activities.
Size: 334 mm x 170mm
Capacity: 2L

Drinking Cap/Cap/New CoMet Vito Valve
PLUG-N-PLAY correspondence(You can easily remove a tube from the main body.))
Materials: TPU, ABS, POM, PP, EPDM, silicon, 304ss, TPU Coated Nylon

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