The Sky Frusk IT series is a hydration with a cooling function, plus the basic nature of Sky Frusk.

Keep the water cold and prevent sweat from the bottle.
This IT version adopts Hydra Pack's unique ISOBOUND technology.

It is designed to keep an ideal temperature 38%longer than a general reservoir.

Size / 205 x 55mm
Cap size / 42mm
Color / clear
Capacity / 300ml
Weight / 59g
Drink / cap / high flow byte valve & twist locking cap
Material / TPU / High density polyethylene (HDPE) / PP / silicon / polyester

[Capacity]: 300ml

[Heat -resistant temperature]: 60 ° C

・ “Wide mouth spout”: Equipped with a flip top cap, rapid replenishment and ice can be inserted.
・ "Hand Strap": Fits more accurately with adjustable hand straps.
・ “Soft material”: Shape that can easily fit in various pockets. As the contents decrease, the flask becomes compact.
・ "Double structure": The heat transmission is slow, "cold things remain cold" and "warm things remain warm", and "condensation is hard to do".

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