HYDRAPAK Sky Frusk 500 (Hydra Pax Kai Frus 500ml)


The Skyfras Series is a "hand -held" hydration.

Sky flask to run by hand. Developed for minimalist runners.
It is very lightweight and easy to hold, and it fits more accurately with a adjustable hand strap.
Automatic sealing valve that does not get wet, high flow byte valve, and large open, so you can quickly replenish drinks.
The soft water bottle body shrinks when you drink a drink, reduces the movement of water during running, and can be stored in a small pocket in the empty.

Material: TPU / High density polyethylene (HDPE) / PP / silicon / polyester
Drink: Cap: High Flow Bite Valve & Twist Locking Cap
Size: 200 x 80mm (Weight: 57g)
(Cap size: 42mm)

[Capacity]: 500ml
[Heat -resistant temperature]: 60 ° C

・ “Wide mouth spout”: Equipped with a flip top cap, rapid replenishment and ice can be inserted.
・ "Hand Strap": Fits more accurately with adjustable hand straps.
・ “Soft material”: Shape that can easily fit in various pockets. As the contents decrease, the flask becomes compact.

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