HYDRAPAK SHAPE SHIFT 3L (Hydra Pack Shape Shift 3L)


"Shape Shift", which has a smart design and achieves the best performance, is a long -selling Hydra Pack's long -selling product that knows the hydration.

Fits most backpacks and can be completely turned over so that you can easily maintain it.

It is durable and has a reliable material and function.

High flow byte valve that can be drunk by chewing the drinking mouth,
In addition, it is equipped with ON/OFF bar to prevent water leakage when not drinking.

Size / 445 x 165mm
Color / clear
Capacity / 3L
Weight / 154g
Drink / cap / high flow blaster byte valve, plug-n-play compatible
(You can easily remove the tube from the main unit)
Material/TPU, PP/POM, ABS, silicon

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