Hydrapak Recon 500ml (Hydra Pack Likon 500ml)


Hydra pack -friendly hard type water bottle

This Liicon Bottle uses 50 % of post -consumer recycling (PCR) = "material that recycled plastic used by consumers".
The cap and bottle body are clean and clear colors and adopt Tritan Renew Tech. It is a strong, hard to get dirty, and does not smell.
Size / 195mm x 72mm
Cap size / 63mm
Color / lime, white, violet
Capacity / 500ml
Weight / 143g
Drink / cap / smooth flow twist cap (turning the drinking mouth and ON / OFF)
Material / Tritan ™ Renew "Tritan Renew" (Copoliester): 50 % PCR (Post-Consumer RecycleD), Silicon

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