Hydra-Pak Hydra Packed Siker 2L


Hydrapak SEEKER 2L is a compact, compact, rezorable bottle that is compact.

The Seeker is a super lightweight, durable, durable water storage bag for high-dracers. The new features have been reintroduced from the 2020 model, and a strong and uncomfortable handle has been added on the side.The two side-drasche points are still alive as models of the last year.It was often easier to use in a waterway or to a backpack and to use it.It's very compact, so you can freeze it, so if you put it in a cooler, it's a refrigerator. It's a great success in the campshot.Also, the cap will not cause the cap to be lost because it is a loop.The 42mm caps are compatible with various commercial water purifiers, and are ideal for long periods of time.It can also be used as a hydration by using the separately sold Seeker Hydration Kit (A177). If you use the PLUG-N-PLAY Capkit (A172), you can use it as a watershaggy.The case is a nylon-made case.

a caring handle that is easy to pour
Designs that don't have to be in the way of a backpack, at the minimum required.

Loop caps
A non-42mm diameter screw cap is a tough loop for loss prevention.

Compatible Cap
The 42mm diameter is used by many purifier manufacturers, and it is highly versatialized.

Since it can be folded in a compact way, it is easy to return home.

Material: Ultra-Durable TPU/High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Size: 286 × 133mm (cap size: 42mm)
Capacity: 2L (with memory on the rear)
Thermal temperature: 60 °C


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