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Teton Bros. Hybrid Inner Down Down Hoody Mens

The hybrid inner downer is highly versatile, which is easy to use for both inner and outer, which has a synthetic fiber "Thermo Max" with 1000FILL water repellency and far -infrared heat storage effect.

Compared to the company's "Hybrid Down Hoody" (hybrid down hoody), the thickness and weight are reduced, making it easier to use as an outer or inner.
Popular product with high functionality, high -performance and highest warmth. It can be used for a long time from autumn to early spring.

・ Thick loft is formed by the finely partitioned quilt shape, and the heat retention is enhanced by retaining many dead air.
・ It is possible to adhere to the vertical direction and the horizontal direction with the stopper at the rear.
・ It can be worn even when a helmet is directly on the head.
・ Close to the body with a tight silhouette.
It is easy to use as a mid -layer worn inside the shell.
・ The abdomen has a hand warmer pocket.
・ Adjust the hem on the side and keep warm up to the buttocks with a drop tail.
・ Slipping bislone jopper

Recommended points.
・ Evolved into a structure that makes it less likely that air around the wrist will enter compared to the conventional model. The wrist that is easy to cool down with a thick rib is covered firmly. This shuts down the inflow of cold air.
・ In addition, it is really warm because it has abundant down around the neck while suppressing thickness with a hybrid. The area around the hood is also particular about draping and adjusts the draw code to adhere.

(Shell part)
Nylon fabric with smooth and high durability. You can wear it without getting caught when layering in the inner.

(Frequent) 1000FILL & THERMO MAX
The highest combination of "water -repellent processing" that supplements the warmth of the highest peak of 1000 fill power and the weakness of down, and synthetic thermax. Usually, 700 fill power is evaluated as high quality down, but Teton Bros.'s water -repellent down is 1000 fill power and ultra -high quality.

* Phil power is the power to return to the original after applying a certain pressure on the down. High fill power downs are large and expanded with the same weight and contain a lot of air, leading to lighter weight.

Fabric: 12D NYLON / 1000 Fill & Thermo Max
Weight: 330g (size m)

TB Men's Tops Size
(Size/height/chest/sleeve length)
S 160-170cm, 84-92cm, 80cm
M 165-175cm, 88-96cm, 83cm
L 170-180cm, 92-100cm, 86cm
XL175-185cm, 96-104cm, 89cm


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