Houdini Hoodini Women's Route Shirt Dress


A functional and simple dress that matches all situations in summer

WISH WOVEN ™, an ultra -lightweight polyester fabric made of soft recycled fiber, has a cotton -like touch and a two -way touch flexibility, combining the breathability and durability that can be used hard in trekking and camping. 。 It is excellent in quick -drying, and is also suitable for wearing a beach on a swimsuit because it has a UPF50+UV protection index without using chemicals.

In addition, because it has a packable specification that can be stored in the side pocket, it can be carried around when traveling. We are using a relaxed fit design.

material:WISH WOVEN ™ 70% RecycleD POLYESTER, 30% Polyester
Weight: 186g

Measuring data

 Size /unit: CM XXS XS S M L XL
 Width 107 113 119 125 131 137
 Length (Front) 85 88 90 92 94 97
 Sleeve Length 29 31 33 35 37 39

Please forgive the error for major measurement.


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