Houdini Hoodini Men's Outright Pants


Items that maintain body temperature effectively. What I want to carry in such a scene is an outlight pants that has been sold out every year, LODGE PANTS cutting and silhouettes, but have been updated to POLARTEC® Power Stretch Pro® Light. With just one pants, you can spend warm and comfortable in the winter tent. Pants, which have heat retention and quick -drying, lightly soft and further elastic pants, look for a relaxed scene at first glance, but boasts slender silhouettes that can be used for street clothes that are tapered from the waist to the hem. It is useful as a snowwear inner, as it does not help layered. The wear resistance is also improved, pills and pillings are less likely to occur, and the wardrobe is a classic with a specification that is hard to come out of the knee. Once you have a step, you will be addicted to its comfort.

Material: Polertech® Power Stretch Pro® Light 59% POLYESTER 33% POLYAMIDE 8% Elastane

Flat -placed measurement data ( * Please forgive the error due to major measurement.)
XS: Waist 35cm Inseam 67cm Ass -circumference CM 49.5 Watari width CM 25
S: Waist 36cm Inseam 69cm assin 51cm Watari width 26cm
M: Waist 38cm Inseam 70cm assin 54cm Watari width 27cm
L: Waist 40cm Inseam 72cm Assin Cm 56cm Watari width 28.5cm
XL: Waist 42cm Inseam 74cm assin 58.5cm Watari width 30cm


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