Houdini Hoodini Men's Pace Wind Jacket


Super lightweight and breathable wind jacket compatible with high pulse activity

Because the comfort of the clothing is improved, the performance is improved, so it is designed with emphasis on the comfort of the fabric, fit, how to move clothes and sound.

The chest and arm areas are made by combining two fabrics, such as the C9 Ripstop ™, which has a breathability but excellent in breathability, and the lower and sleeves of the arms, such as flexible and smooth WISH WOVEN ™. The wrist is equipped with a thumb hall, with high exercise intensity such as running, training, cycling, trekking, and it requires endurance, but light and cool touch fabric is ideal as a daily life and travel partner. is. We use regular fit design.

Lightweight and supple C9 Ripstop ™
Of the kind of fabric, the dark light blue part from the core part of the body to the upper armIt is a fabric that is often used in Houdini products, such as "Weather Tee" and "ENFOLD JACKET" called C9 Ripstop ™.Compared to general wind shell dough, it has excellent breathability (moisture permeability) and flexibility, and there is a feeling that it is hard to keep up with heat and blends into the skin when sweating.

Draw code
The cuffs have a thumb hall and the hem with a draw code, so you can adjust it according to the cold and dress.

material:Main Fabric: C9 Ripstop ™ 100% Recycled Polyester

Wearing size: 169cm57kg XS size


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