HOUDINI Hoodini Men's Mono Air Crew


A crew neck with functionality and sustainability that adopts new generation materials to replace fleece. Polartec® Power Air Light with a new fabric structure developed by Pola Tech to prevent marine pollution due to the fall of microfibers. The fabric has a soft and smooth touch, creates insulation with a special capsule structure containing a small air pocket, batting and air layer, and reducing the loss of microfiber to a maximum of 80 % compared to conventional fleece products. Succeeded. It is even lighter and elastic and has excellent durability and breathable, so it can be worn for years. For mountain climbing and snow activities, it is ideal for various scenes throughout the year as a mid -layer under the shell and as a lightweight lifestyle wear in camping and daily life.

Material: POLARTEC® Power Air Light 73% RecycleD Polyester 27% Elastrele-Polyester
Weight: 388g

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