Houdini Hoodini Men's Dock Pants


With a classical straight cut
Pants that combine the latest functional fabric

Houdini's headquarters is located in Finnboda Hamn in Stockholm, which once was one of the largest Swedish ships. These pants were designed as a tribute to their history, inspired by the work clothes worn by the shipyard staff at the time.

The fabric Immix Weave is very durable and slightly elastic, made of 75%recycled polyester and 25%virgin polyester. It is ideal for everyday use due to soft touch and high breathability, but is also suitable for outdoor activities because it is lightweight and durable. The hem is equipped with a drawcord that can be adjusted, and a regular fit design is adopted so that it can be worn for a wide purpose according to various scenes.

Material: Immix Weave 75% RecycleD Polyester 25% Polyester
Weight: 378g

Measuring data

 Size /unit: CM XS S M L XL XXL
 Waist 73 79 85 91 97 103
 Hip 92 98 104 110 112 122
 I 66 68 71 73 76 78
 inseam 77 79 80 82 83 85

Please forgive the error for major measurement.


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