Houdini Hoodini Looper


Double it to a neck warmer or should be a shoulder warmer on your shoulder. As a food that warms the ears and neck ... It is a high -tech snood that can be used as you go depending on the user's idea. Spinner Ripstop ™ with windproof and water repellency on the outside is tailored to a design with Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro ™, which is soft and has excellent heat retention. You can enjoy glossy fabric, fleece, and reversible coordination of fabric with different textures. It is also an accent that is a chilly seasonal camp scene, a midwinter mountain hut, and town use. If you have a lightweight and bad snood, you can complete a warm and functional winter dress.

Material: Main Fabric: SpINNER RIPSTOP ™ Detail Fabric: Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro Main Fabric: 100% RecycleD Polyster
Detail Fabric: 57% POLYESTER 33% POLYAMIDE 10% Elastane
Weight: 164g


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