HOUDINI Houdini Women's Desori Mid Crew


Flexible and warm mid -wait base layer cream

The fabric Solid Interlock Merino ™ uses 17.6 μm New Zealand superfine Merino wool, has a feather -like soft touch and has excellent elasticity and moisture permeability. A pure wool that is not blended has a natural nature, does not impair the heat retention even if it gets wet, has a body temperature control function and a natural antibacterial deodorant effect. In addition, it is 100%recycled and biodegradable Merino wool, which can be completely circulated without synthetic blends and processing, and can be recycled and composted when worn. A thumb hall is arranged on the wrist to prevent the sleeves from rising, and the slightly longer back prevents cold air from the hem. It is ideal for everyday life from autumn, winter and spring activities, which require high insulation, such as trekking in highlands, camping in cold conditions, and winter ski tours. We use slimfit design.

Material: Solid Interlock Merino ™ 100% Merino Wool
Weight: 194g


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