HOUDINI Foudini Pafy Square


It is a concept of minimalism, but it is a multifunction and general-purpose insolation skirt.

The epiphany is a smooth Switch, Woven™, which is superior to durability and soundness, and uses PrimaLoft ® Black Insulation Eco for spongidity.The Switch Woven™is resilient and waterproof, and PrimaLoft ® Black Insulation Eco is a 60 % recycled fiber from recycled fiber, and a 100 percent recyclable synthetic fiber is a cotton fiber.

This simple product, on ski tours, heats up on the shale pants, is warming up in climbing, and warmly warms your body even when you commute every day.Due to the wrap-around structure, it is easy to adjust the fit of the fit, and it is not obstructed by the movement.

It can also be used as a blanket for picnics, or on a sleeping bag, as a blanket for picnics, and widen it to all the family members.It is a good rap skirt that does not select a scene from mountains to the city, and can be used in various ways.

Size of the real sun: 80cm in length, 137cm
Face fabric & Lining: Switch Woven™ Padding™ Padding: PrimaLoft ® Black Insulation Eco Face fabric & Lining: 100 % recycled polyester
Cotton: 100 % recycled polyester
Heavy: 260g



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