Houdini Hoodini All Weather T neck Unisex


This is a T -shirt type insulation with a snap button on the neck. The outer material uses water -repellent C9 Ripstop ™, and the batting uses lightweight and warm Primaloft® Gold Active+, which makes various scenes more comfortable due to excellent moisture permeability, quick -drying, and windproof. If you overlap the base layer or mid -layer, you can cover the main parts of the upper body, and it is lighter and less bulky than long -sleeved insulation. It is easy to layer under the shell because of the minimalist design without the front zipper and the hood, and is active in all situations where heat retention is added, such as mountain climbing, snow activities, camping and daily life. Pockets on both sides and fitting adjustment draw codes are provided on the hem, and a regular fit design is used with unisex specifications.

Material: C9 RIPSTOP ™ 70% RecycleD POLYESTER 30% Polyester, Lite Breather 100% RecycleD Polyester, Primaloft Gold ACTIVE + 55% Recycled Polyester 45% POLYESTER 45%
Weight: 340g


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