Hoshino Insole B+HF (Hoshinoin Sole B+HF)


For winter climbing shoes.
Adds warmth with moisture -absorbing heat.

Based on the B+LD series, a moisture -absorbing heat generation material has been added.
With a fever that does not get cold, it protects the winter feet.
The main body EVA adopts the same hardness (blue) as B+SG. Reduce the feeling of pushing up when using a crampon.
The soft EVA itself used for the top cover does not absorb moisture, so the insole surface is always dry.
If you combine it with wool socks, you can use it for daily use in cold regions.


Features of B+insole

This is an insole for regulating your feet.

Common foot trouble

  • It always hits Kurubushi

    The spring of the foot seems to be weak.
    The athletic ability is also easier to decrease.

  • Around the thumb ball

    First of all
    Don't get worse
    I have to do it ...

  • My legs are tired

    There is a possibility of high school.
    Is your soles hard?

  • I hate hard shoes

    That said
    Too big shoes
    Have you chosen?

Because my feet are distorted

  1. Is it like this?

  2. When using the insole ...

  3. GOOD balance!

The shape of the foot always changes. In addition, the legs are left and right differences and large or small distortion.
By using a ready -made ready -made insole with a symmetrical form ...

Control the movement of the foot
It is possible to regulate the difference between the left and right feet
I think it will be possible.

"Zero Drop" insole.

The flat part from the thumb ball and the heel
Because the thickness of the flat part is the same,
The height difference of the insole is "zero".

Features of B+insoleB+Insole has a clear standard for size selectionThere is enough cut

B+insoleIs clear the criteria for selecting size(Not the size of the shoes, but the length is the standard)

  1. First, let's measure the actual measurement value of the foot.

    Measure the length (actual measurement) from the heel to the toe.

    * Be sure to go with both foot equal load while standing.

  2. A guide to match the actual measured values ​​of the foot and the insole size.

    It indicates that "If the foot length of the actual measurement is 25.0 to 26.0cm, please use the M size insole as a guide."

    1. If you want to check !!

      Make sure that the position of the thumb ball of your feet matches the tip of the arch support of the insole.

    2. Even if the measured values ​​of the foot are the same, there are various types of feet.

      Example of selection of sizeB+The size selection of the insole has nothing to do with the size of the shoe.

      Even if the measured values ​​of the foot are the same as shown in the figure, it matchesB+The size of the insole may be different.
      1likeB+We recommend that you put your feet on the insole and check the size.

      B+The size selection method is common in all models of the insole.

How to cut

* Please note that the insole length may not be enough if shoes are extremely large.

  1. Cut method 1

    What to prepare

    ・ Shoes to put insole
    ・ Scissors (those with a long blade that cuts well) is better
    ・ Magic pen or ballpoint pen

  2. Cut method 2

    Take out the insole that was originally in the shoes,
    B+Pay on the insole.

    ① The rearmost position of the heel
    ② Position around the base of the thumb
    ③ Position around the base of the little finger

    Make sure to match these three points firmly.

    So that the remedy in ② and ③ becomes equal
    Please match.

  3. Cut method 3

    While holding down the original insole
    With magic pen, etc.
    Trace the toe shape.

  4. Cut method 4

    The line is clearly like this
    It is OK if you draw.

  5. Cut method 5

    From about 5mm before the end of the drawing line
    It's okay to start cutting with scissors.

    Don't leave the line
    I will cut the last minute inside the line.

    Before you suddenly cut,
    In the extra part outside the line
    You may try to try out and practice

  6. Cut method 6

    ShoesB+Set the insole.

    Do not bend the toes when putting in
    be careful.

  7. Cut method 7

    It is OK if you put it smoothly to "Ston" or the heel.

    If you can't enter unless you push it out strongly,
    Cut the toes little by little.


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