Houdini Hoodini Women's Pace Light Shorts


Ultra -light, cool, quick -drying shorts. Designed for high pulse activity, it is a new level of comfort and performance in hot situations such as running and training. The Pace series is a collection of clothing developed for intense activities. Because the comfort of the clothing is improved, the performance is improved, so it is designed with emphasis on the comfort of the fabric, fit, how to move clothes and sound. The fabric is made of C9 Stretch, which has elasticity and quietness, dries quickly even when it gets wet, and has a water -repellent processing that does not contain harmful PFAS. In addition, the weight of the fabric is only 67g/m_, and it is so light that it feels like you are not wearing anything. The zip pockets are arranged on both sides, and the combination of rubber on the rubber inside the waist, the size adjustment, and the side slit gives a perfect fit. It has a functional fabric and a design that is easy to move, and is designed for scenes that require high -strength dynasty, such as running, training, and trekking in high temperature and humid environment, but is a hot summer trip and waterside. Ideal for play in. We adopt regular fits so that we can handle everything from every activity to everyday life.

Material: C9 Stretch 50% Polyester, 50% RecycleD Polyester
Weight: 100g

Measuring data

 Size /unit: CM XXS XS S M L XL
 Waist 58-71 64-77 70-83 76-89 82-95 88-101
 Hip 89 95 101 107 113 119
 I 59 62 65 68 71 74
 inseam 10 10 11 12 12 13

Please forgive the error for major measurement.


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