Houdini Hoodini Looper


High -tech snood that can be used as you go

Make double and shoulder warmers on neck warmers or shoulders. As a food that warms the ears and neck ... It is a high -tech snood that can be used as you go depending on the user's idea.

Spinner Ripstop ™ with windproof and water -repellent properties on the outside is designed to be designed with Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro ™, which is soft and has excellent heat retention. You can enjoy glossy fabric, fleece, and reversible coordination of fabric with different textures.

For the chilly seasonal camp scene, the midwinter mountain hut, and the accent to stack the coat as a town use. If you have one snood that is lightweight and resistant to bad weather, a warm and functional winter dress will be completed.

Material: Main Fabric: Spinner Ripstop ™ Detail Fabric: Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro Main Fabric: 100% RecycleD PolySter
Detail Fabric: 57% POLYESTER 33% POLYAMIDE 10% Elastane
Weight: 164g


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