GONTEX sole paste 4 (Gong -tex sole support tape 2 pieces)

Taping supports the original function of the foot
The arch, which consists of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones on the soles, plays a role in running and absorbing shocks during walking. It is the role of the suspension in the car.
Every time your feet repeat the ground and contact in the running or climbing, the arch of the soles is crushed and pulled back. However, if you get fatigue on your soles, the crushed arch will be difficult to return. Like a car that has lost the suspension function, the decrease in the arch has a direct impact on the feet, making it easier to get pain on the soles, the back of the foot, and the ankle, and the calf is more likely to be stressed. 。

The sole paste 4 provides support to bring back the crushed arch by taping tension. You can not only support the soles of the soles, but also to maintain performance with the extension support of the arch.
In addition, the taping tension spreads the thumb and little finger, so we support the hallux valgus and the little finger.
It is the most popular product in the GonteX taping series, and is recommended not only for running and mountain climbing, but also for reducing the fatigue of long standing work.
By making the adhesive surface a striped shape, the outside air is taken in, making it easier to sweat.
It minimizes the discomfort due to wet with sweat, and prevents taping peeling due to sweat.

Moderate elasticity in supporting exercise
At first glance, the taping looks the same, but there is a difference in elasticity depending on the manufacturer.
GonteX taping is made of tension closer to muscle elasticity, and does not give excessive load on muscles and supports muscles moderately.

Due to its own manufacturing process, it has less odor and hard to rash.

If you have a rash or allergic symptoms, consult with an expert before use.
Please keep it in a place where children are out of reach.
Avoid direct sunlight and keep it in a cool and cool place.
If symptoms such as itching, rash, or redness appear during use, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.
Do not use it directly for the wound.
Before putting the tape, use the skin clean and use it in a dry state.
When peeling off the tape, peel off the hair flow while holding down the skin.

Cloth: Cotton polyurethane, adhesive: acrylic
Country of origin: Korea

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