OS1ST OS Fast BR4 Vanion Relief Socks


What is OS1ST?

Among the many supporters, it is a supporter used to suppress movement so that it does not overload the recurrence instead of the acute phase. Unlike fixed orthotics that are firmly fixed during the acute phase, it is hard to get stuffy, easy to move, and convenient to carry. It is a brand that is classified as a supporter category called NEXT TO SKIN and boasts the No.1. BR4 is a socks with pads made for hallux valgus. In particular, a special pad is installed in the part where the thread and pain develop, and it supports the arch collapse by compressing the middle foot moderately. It also prevents water and beans due to friction and friction between socks and shoes.

BR4 Size S: 21cm ~ 24cm M: 24.5cm ~ 27.5cm L: 28cm ~ 31cm
Color: Black only

The manager of the store manager
The manager who was not a hallux valgus did not understand the goodness, so I had Yuko next to me try it. "Special pads for anti -validation are less thicker than expected, so they can be worn naturally without much awareness. It would not hurt to run with all my might. " It looks simple, reasonable, and there are almost no sports, so I'm glad.


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