Firedragon Fuel Blocks


Using plant -derived ethanol, a solid fuel that is easy on the environment and the body

Firedragon's fuel is a solid of plant -derived ethanol from discarded cereals and vegetables.
There is no smoke or smell, and fuel gas is low toxic, so you can use it with confidence.

Also, when using fuel, the soot that has not been soot on the bottom of the pot is that the soot that has arrived at the base is biodegradable, so there is no environmental burden.

Weight: 27g per piece (about 11 minutes burning)
Ingredients: 91%ethanol, 9%ethanol coagulant
Fire temperature 363 degrees (natural fire does not occur)

・ Easy to ignite
・ Because it can be ignited even if it gets wet, it can be used even in bad weather
・ 500ml boils in 6.5 minutes
・ Easy to split with hands or knife
・ Can be used as ethanol disinfection
・ Even after liquefied, cool after extinguishing the fire and return to solid again.

・ After opening the individual packaging, it will be vaporized, so please use it as soon as possible.
・ Since it is liquidized after ignition, please use a dedicated cooker sold separately or a stove with a structure that does not spill the liquid.
・ Recommended use within 5 years from manufacturing. (The date of manufacture is listed on the bag sticker)

* Cooker is not included. (You can also purchase at our online shop)


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