EVERNEW Evanew NP Cooker Case 400FD


Elastic cases available for "Ti 400FD CUP" and "Ti 400 NH"
A dedicated cooker case made of NP (neopene) material that has excellent heat retention, elasticity and cushioning properties
If you pack everything and close it tightly (there is a limit)
You can organize cooking utensils.

Even when the lid floats a little, using the elasticity of this case can be stored perfectly and it does not rattle during transportation.During the meal, you can use this case on a cooker and use it as a heat retention cover.The black color absorbs the heat of the sun well, so the ultimate fuel saving trick is to put a cooker with cold water in this case, leave it in the sun, and then put it on fire.

Size: diameter 110 x 65mm

Mass: 31g
Material: Neopen
Country of origin: China


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