ESS Crossblade Replacement Flame Black (Cross Blade Race Race Frame)


ESSCROSSBLADE frame kit (black color)

Contents: Frame, nose clip (Crossblade standard size)

In combination with separately sold lenses
It is a series that can make an original set.

A brand of the ESS OAKLEY MILITARY Government Division, which continues to supply eye safety gear to military, fire, and rescue in more than 130 countries around the world.

The ESS eyewear, which was born in the most advanced performance and non-compromised product development by cutting-edge technology, complies with the military standard MIL-PRF-32432 (Mill Specs) and cannot pass by sports sunglasses brands, industrial standard ANSI Z87. It also complies with 1 +, giving the user a highest performance.

The research and research for more than 20 years have been repeated, and the optical lens developed for the purpose of eyewear that can be used in the most harsh ultimate situation has no distortion, gaining a clear view with high resolution.
In addition, the frame design designed based on human optics does not hurt because there is no compression of the frame on the ears and nose, and it has a comfortable fit. Performs in many fields, including bicycles, running, baseball and tennis, MTB running through Noyama, trail running, and outdoors in general.

■ High -performance sunglasses
■ High resolution lens
■ Eyewear acknowledged by top athletes

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