Escalante Racer Boston Mens

The highest perfection ALTRA road shoes "Escalante Racer" is selected for those who need the most full marathon time among Altra's running shoes. The coarse knit upper maintains outstanding breathability, high stability and strength, and high -resilience midsole (cushion part) boosts acceleration during running. The Boston Marathon model of "ESCALANTE Racer" was also summarized in the third generation in 2020, the most popular road shoes of Altra, and the changes to last year. ・ The shoe string is changing → It is a shoe string that is hard to grow and has a very good hold ・ The way of passing the string of the part that covers the instep of the foot called a shoe tongue has been changed. → It has a simpler and gentle fit ・ The knitting of the heel cup (the part that wraps the heel) is finer → While ensuring breathability, the heel is hard to blur. ・ Embroidery is embroidered around the hole where the shoe lace (shoe strap) passes, and the strength is improved. Escalante Racer Boston Weight: 217 g (MENS US9.5 / 27.5cm) 178 g (Womens US7.5 / 24.5cm) Stack height: 22 mm Upper: Engineering knit Midsole: Altra ego

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