EAT & RUN I travel to run 100 miles


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Why did he continue to reign as a complete vegetarian and the king of the Ultra Marathon?
Appearing in the bestseller "Born to Run", the first "living legend" of the running world that attracts runners around the world will be revealed, eating, running, and living.
New York Times Bestseller, the wandering of the runner's soul who continued to seek the limit

Author information
Scott Jerek
Steve Friedman
Translated by Hisada Ohara
Kitamura Polin Translation

Product information
Release date February 23, 2013
Price price: 2,200 yen (body 2,000 yen)
Forty -six format
368 pages
Product code 0081586
C code C0098 (Foreign Literature Others)
ISBN 978-4-14-081586-1


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