Drymax EXTRA Protection Sage

Special edition model developed with Ultra Runner Sage Canady M.U.T. (Mountain Ultra Trail) Sage Canaday, a runner In search of ideal socks, the place of actual battle (for example, White River 50, Lake Sonoma 50, Verification with SpeedGoat 50K, Tarawera 100k, North Face 50, etc.) We have demonstrated the performance and durability of socks. Sage socks adopt a PTFE fiber with low frictional resistance. In addition, the upper surface of the socks is reduced in the socks using a mesh material with good breathability. Sage Canaday's commitment to socks is less noticeable for threads and dirt. We adopt a combination of green and gray. Adopts a two -layer structure that pushes moisture outside, and the moisture generated from the foot is inside The dry max fiber moves from the skin to the outer layer and absorbs it, Efficiently releasing it to the outside to keep the inside of the shoes dry for a long time, and the occurrence of "beans" due to friction It will prevent you. Good drying, durability, cushioning, cost performance, the best balance it's finished. It is a sock that repeats once you use it. The overwhelming difference in dry max socks is checked this video

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